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Starter Kits

Starter Kits - SK-SH SERIES

A series of starter kits each containing a small selection of masking products that can be used together.

How the product is used
Each kit is packaged in a plastic box, which is sectionalized and labeled to identify the parts.

Recommended for
These kits are ideal for research and development work, small runs or for hobbyists.

Temperature Range
Dependant on the contents of each kit

FeaturesQuantity - A small number of items in each kitPackaging - Kits are split into sections and each section is labeledRange - Kits generally contain a range of the most popular sizesStorage conditions

Items should be stored in dry conditions at an ambient temperature of between 55°F (13°C) and 85°F (30°C). It is important to rotate stock and use the product in the order that it is received.

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Lp. Kod Opis Min. Ilość
1 SK-SH-1 N/A 1
2 SK-SH-10 N/A 1
3 SK-SH-11 N/A 1
4 SK-SH-12 N/A 1
5 SK-SH-13 N/A 1
6 SK-SH-14 N/A 1
7 SK-SH-15 N/A 1
8 SK-SH-2 N/A 1
9 SK-SH-3 N/A 1
10 SK-SH-4 N/A 1
11 SK-SH-5 N/A 1
12 SK-SH-6 N/A 1
13 SK-SH-7 N/A 1
14 SK-SH-8 N/A 1
15 SK-SH-9 N/A 1

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