Cable Ties

Cable Ties - CAB SERIES
An inexpensive way to bundle, secure or organize various items. Made of durable 6/6 nylon, we offer various lengths and tensile strengths for any application; from

Ding Ring Wrap-Arounds

Ding Ring Wrap-Arounds - DR SERIES
Developed as a quick, effective means of protecting gear and tube sections, Series DR Ding Ring wrap-around protectors are both ruggedly designed and easy

Standard Hose Guard

Standard Hose Guard - SHG SERIES
Caplugs is proud to offer a new line of hose guard designed to shield hydraulic, pneumatic, and high pressure hoses from damage and degradation from daily

Universal Use-Evident Cap-Plug Strap

Universal Use-Evident Cap-Plug Strap - UES SERIES
This strap is for use on any compressed gas cylinder valve. The UES strap is designed to fit a full range of CGA* listed valves. The