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Flat Sheet Netting

Flat Sheet Netting - PMW SERIES
Flexible Series PM Net Sheeting provides excellent protection from impact or abrasion damage. Use as a separator for stacked parts during storage, handling and shipment or as protective wrap for bulky items. Unlike wood, styrofoam or cardboard, it will not deteriorate on contact with solvents, coatings, slushing oils or rust inhibitors.

Material: Low-Density Polyethylene
Colors: Yellow, Blue, Red

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Lp. Kod Kolor Grubość oczek Sploty Min. Ilość
1 PMW-7007-18 N/A 1.78 177.80 1
2 PMW-7005-20 N/A 1.78 127.00 1
3 PMW-7004-24 N/A 1.78 101.60 1

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