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Sleeve-Web® Netting

Sleeve-Web® Netting - CSW SERIES
We offer a full line of Sleeve-Web® plastic netting for compressed air, oxygen, acetylene and propane cylinders. It provides low-cost protection against physical damage such as unsightly scratches and minimizes rust build-up resulting in less maintenance and longer cylinder life.

Sleeve-Web® netting not only protects the cylinder from damage, but also secures DOT mandated precautionary labels, preventing damage, tearing or accidental removal during handling. Cylinders with missing or damaged labels are often refused and sent back to the cylinder manufacturer. Avoid this costly inconvenience by using by using Caplugs Sleeve-Web® netting to keep your labels intact and sheltered, while still allowing them to remain fully legible.

CSW Series Sleeve-Web® netting is available in two colors to aid in cylinder designation. Using our colored Sleeve-Web® netting, a cylinder can be quickly identified as empty or full and ready to deliver. Online availability is limited to Natural or Blue colors. Call 1-888-CAPLUGS and speak with your Technical Sales Representative to quote other color options (minimum run quantities may apply) and lead times.

Caplugs also has a full line of products to protect CGA (Compressed Gas Association) valves and compressed gas cylinders. In addition to the protective netting for cylinders, it includes plastic caps for valves with external threads, plugs for valves with internal threads, protective valve sleeves and reusable tethered vinyl caps. Many custom variations are available and secondary operations such as Pad Printing can make your part unique.

Material: Low-Density Polyethylene
Color: Natural (Clear) (CSW-4281-25 Blue)

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Lp. Kod Długość Średnica cylindra Min. Ilość
1 CSW-4270-29.25 N/A N/A 1
2 CSW-4281-25.0 635.00 177.80 1
3 CSW-4271-36 914.40 228.60 1
4 CSW-4265-6 152.40 228.60 1
5 CSW-4279-6 152.40 N/A 1

Legenda: N/A – niedostępne