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Conductive Edge Liners

Conductive Edge Liners - CEG SERIES
Caplugs Series CEG Edge Liners securely grip each contact of edgeboard connectors and are also used for single in-line devices. These extruded conductive

Channels H and U

Channels H and U - CHANNELS H AND U
Caplugs H and U channel roll suspension components are made from high-quality aluminum. These channels can be cut to meet the specific length you need.

Edge Liners for Sheet Metal and Pipe Ends

Edge Liners for Sheet Metal and Pipe Ends - EGL SERIES
Caplugs Edge Liner offers a convenient method for covering the sharp edges of large or irregularly shaped holes in sheet metal. It is

Grommets for Holes in Sheet Metal

Grommets for Holes in Sheet Metal - GRO SERIES
Series GRO Grommets provide mechanical protection for hoses, tubing, shafts, rods and cables as they pass through holes in sheet metal. Easily

Tamper Evident Seal

Tamper Evident Seal - TES SERIES
Series TES Tamper-Evident Seals provide a positive, self-locking chain that breaks upon activating, thereby indicating that the seal, lock or device has