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Anchor Plugs

Anchor Plugs - ANCHOR PLUGS
Anchor plugs provide a unique self-locking mechanism to permanently bond spool components - they can not separate. This feature is a vital component for a

Core Plugs

Core Plugs - CORE PLUGS
These versatile core plugs provide exceptional strength. Manufactured in super high-impact thermoplastic resin, these core plugs are designed with as many as 12

Core Plugs - Heavy Duty

Core Plugs - Heavy Duty - CORE PLUGS HD
Caplugs heavy duty core plugs provide exceptional strength for heavy-weight mill roll products. A tapered lead allows for ease of installation and

Double Plugs

Double Plugs - DOUBLE PLUGS
These plugs are manufactured of high-impact thermoplastic HDPE resins for added strength and durability. The double plug design eliminates edge damage and

Pad Plugs

Pad Plugs - PAD PLUGS
Pad plugs are specifically designed to secure and protect rolls from damage during storage and shipping. Can be used to suspend and unitize larger-diameter rolls

Suspension Plugs

Suspension Plugs - SUSPENSION PLUGS
Suspension plugs are designed to provide the strength and ruggedness required to maintain integrity when suspending large, heavy rolls. Made from strong

Channels H and U

Channels H and U - CHANNELS H AND U
Caplugs H and U channel roll suspension components are made from high-quality aluminum. These channels can be cut to meet the specific length you need.