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Core Plugs

Core Plugs - CORE PLUGS
These versatile core plugs provide exceptional strength. Manufactured in super high-impact thermoplastic resin, these core plugs are designed with as many as 12 supporting ribs to provide added strength and protection of the roll. Lugs on the circumference of the plugs compensate for variations in the ID of cores. The dish-shaped bottom provides more strength than the traditional flat-bottom style.

The CP9510 is a heavy duty core plug that provides exceptional strength. Manufactured of PPCP resins, this plug is ideal for heavy-weight mill roll products. Designed with a tapered lead for easy installation and a secure fit. These plugs will not swell, shrink, or flake. The CP9510 has no flange for easier stacking.

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Lp. Kod Rozmiar (mm) Opis Min. ilość
1 CP-1501 N/A N/A 1
2 CP-201 50.80 N/A 1
3 CP-7510-1 76.20 N/A 1
4 CP-2970 76.20 N/A 1
5 CP-3000 76.20 N/A 1
6 CP-5000-N 76.20 N/A 1
7 CP-503 127.00 N/A 1
8 CP-6015 152.40 N/A 1
9 CP-603 152.40 N/A 1

Legenda: N/A – niedostępne