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Covers for Split-Flange Connections

Covers for Split-Flange Connections - SFP SERIES
Series SFP Covers are designed for use on SAE 3000 lb, four-bolt, split hydraulic flanges. The SFP cover protects the port and fits snugly and firmly into the opening with an integral surrounding apron protecting the flange surface.

Material: Low-Density Polyethylene
Color: Red
Note: Tab orientation may not be aligned as shown

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Lp. Kod Rozmiar kołnierza Min. ilość
1 SFP-12 N/A 1
2 SFP-16 25.40 1
3 SFP-20 N/A 1
4 SFP-24 N/A 1
5 SFP-32 50.80 1
6 SFP-40 N/A 1

Legenda: N/A – niedostępne

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