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Nasadka Ultrabake™ - SERIA SC - SH Przeznaczenie: Nasadka Ultrabake™ jest przeznaczona do maskowania śrub dwustronnie gwintowanych (szpilek) i kołków, końcówek


Ultrabake™ Washer Caps - WC-SH SERIES Purpose Ultrabake™ Washer Caps are designed to mask plain or threaded holes and studs; they will mask off the hole or stud and leave a


Ultrabake™ Grounding Caps - SRC-SH SERIES Purpose
Ultrabake™ Grounding Caps are designed to mask rectangular tabs; they are effective at masking rectangular grounding or

Venting Cap Plugs

Venting Cap Plugs - UVCP-SH SERIES Purpose
Ultrabake™ Venting Cap Plugs are designed to mask plain and threaded studs or holes; there is a small nipple on the top of the mask which

Nasadka/Korek wielokrotnego użytku maskująco/uszczelniający

Nasadka/Korek wielokrotnego użytku maskująco/uszczelniający - SERIA RMCP
Nasadka/korek Capligsa serii RMCP-SH służy do maskowania miedzianych rurek wejscia i wyjścia sprężarek

Ultrabake™ Zerk Caps

Ultrabake™ Zerk Caps - ZC-SH SERIES Purpose
Zerk Caps are designed specifically to mask Zerk fittings; they will mask off the fitting and allow finishing up to it. How the

Round Vinyl Caps

Round Vinyl Caps - VC SERIES
Series VC Caps are extremely flexible and durable protective closures which are ideal for use as thread protectors, dust and moisture seals, pipe and stud end

Ultrabake™ Flanged Plugs

Ultrabake™ Flanged Plugs - SFP-SH SERIES Purpose
Ultrabake™ Flanged Plugs are designed to mask plain and threaded holes; they will mask off the hole and the first thread of a

Clear Stretchable Covers

Clear Stretchable Covers - CSC SERIES
The CSC series, commonly known as shower caps, are economical covers for a wide range of industrial and consumer applications. These covers can be

Tapered Silicone Caps and Plugs

Tapered Silicone Caps and Plugs - TS SERIES
Caplugs TS Series tapered caps / plugs are made of a flexible and durable silicone material. The TS series offers all the versatility of our