Closed End tubing

Closed End tubing - TRC SERIES
Series TRC heavy wall ClearView™ Tubing has a clear closed end. Heavy wall thickness adds extra protection and durability. The TRC series is available

Open End tubing

Open End tubing - TRO SERIES
Series TRO Heavy Wall ClearView plastic tubing provides the product protection you need for your heavy-duty packaging applications. Heavy Wall thickness adds

Square Closed End Tubing

Square Closed End Tubing - TSC SERIES
Caplugs ClearView™ plastic tubing offers unique packaging and glass-like clarity. These closed-end tubes make an ideal package for a wide variety

Square Open End Tubing

Square Open End Tubing - TSO SERIES
Caplugs ClearView plastic tubing offes unique packaging and a glass-like clarity. These open-ended tubes make an ideal package for a wide variety of